Our Natural Mosquito Repellent

A MUST-HAVE this season!!! NATURAL MOSQUITO REPELLENT. Effectively keeps mosquitoes away the all-natural way.

With an aromatic blend and base that repels and discourages mosquitoes. NO SYNTHETIC CHEMICALS AND OTHER NASTIES!

HOW TO USE: Put all over the skin without missing a spot. Gentle and safe to use for the face. For maximum effect, reapply every two hours. Recommended for all including kids 1yo and up. Safe for pregnant and lactating women.

INGREDIENTS: Wet-milled Cold-pressed Virgin Coconut Oil, Vanilla Tincture, Citronella, Eucalyptus Citridori, and Clove organic essential oils

EM's NOTES: This is one of our happy products at @reallygoodph that can repel different mosquitoes that carry different sickness. Did you know that Citronella can only repel three (3) types of mosquitoes? So when the Citronella scent is gone from your skin - here comes the mosquitoes and other insects. People wonder why those commercial mosquito patches don’t work! Because there are different types of mosquitoes that’s why :) Our @reallygoodph Natural Mosquito Repellant has numerous "layerings." The base is wet-milled cold-pressed Virgin Coconut Oil which in itself is already a mosquito repellant. Then we layered it with Vanilla tincture (an antibacterial and antiseptic), citronella, eucalyptus, citridori, clove (can also repel langaw) as additional layers of protection. So when one layer is already stripped from the skin...more layers are under it - repelling broader species of mosquitoes and other insects. This is far far far from the usual commercial citronella repellants in the market - many of which have nasty synthetic scents that make you so nauseous and dizzy, and have lots of unhealthy fillers and other synthetic chemicals that are also hormone disruptors and bad for our overall health.