Must Have at Home

A trio that every family must have at home and while traveling.

Born out of a necessity to deal with eczema flare ups, the KIDS' CALMING OIL soothes itchy, eczema-prone, asthmatic skin. Use it after a warm bath to sustain healthy skin and protect it from harsh elements. After a warm bath, while pores still open, is the best time for skin to absorb the oil. 

The ALL-AROUND FAMILY BALM & LINIMENT come in handy and help with various  discomforts like itch, nausea, minor burns, insect bites, scratches, tummy aches, migraines, muscle tension, light congestion, and anxiety. Not only do these soothe, they also help encourage skin healing and regeneration, and aid in boosting immunity in a very holistic way. Best to use in tandem for ouchies. Start with the liniment directly on the affected area then seal in the goodness with the balm.  This duo is anti-inflammatory and antihistaminic.

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