Weaving Kits (Kids)
Weaving Kits (Kids)
Weaving Kits (Kids)

Weaving Kits (Kids)

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Introduce the art of weaving to your little ones.

DESCRIPTION: A curated kit complete with tools that’s best for kids age 6 years old and up!

HOW TO USE: The materials are beginner-friendly and the kit comes with a short manual that details the basic techniques.

STORAGE: The kit comes in a katsa tote that’s washable and can be reused for storage.

MAIN MATERIALS: Wood and Cotton Yarn


  • 9x10 inches square loom
  • yarn bundle for weaving and warping
  • safety scissors for kids
  • plastic needles
  • wooden comb
  • wooden dowel for hanging finished project
  • printed manual
  • little weavers pin
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